The LL95 Face Mask- American Made KN95 Equivalent


Safety is our top priority.

Little Lives PPE Face Masks - High quality PPE, approved by doctors for kids, teens and adults. FDA listed. 99%+ Filtration. Made in the USA. Click to order!

The table below summarizes all relevant standards and conformity testing for compliance with the N95 (USA) and KN95 (China) product designation.

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  • The LL95 Face Mask is our American made KN95 equivalent comprised of FIVE layers of protective polypropylene to help keep out droplets, germs, pollution, and allergens. Unlike the KN95, the LL95 is 100% Made in the USA in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility for maximum quality control. The LL95 has undergone rigorous 3rd-party testing in certified laboratories (Nelson Labs and Eurofins). The LL95 Face Mask provides >99% Bacterial and Particulate Filtration and is FDA listed as product code QKR. It can be worn with our Little Lives PPE™ Face Shield for superior protection.

    • American Made KN95 Equivalent Face Mask for Kids
    • 100% Made in the USA in an FDA registered and ISO certified facility
    • 5 Layers of Polypropylene Protection 
    • Breathable & Comfortable
    • Non-Toxic & Latex Free
    • Tested - Quality and performance tested by a certified lab
    • Single User - Disposable
    • The Mini LL95 - KN95 Equivalent Face Mask for Kids: Fits ages 2-12 years
    • The Mega LL95 - KN95 Equivalent Face Mask for Teens & Adults: Fits ages 13+ years and adults
  • Before putting on face mask, wash or sanitize hands. Hold mask by ear loops, pull the elastic and place it behind each ear. Pinch bendable clip around the bridge of the nose for a secure fit, then pull face mask over nose, mouth, and chin. To remove face mask, touch only the ear loops, then discard and wash or sanitize hands.