Our Story

When women support each other, walls fall, kids thrive, and incredible things happen

Co-founder Dr. Gabrielle Page-Wilson, a doctor and mother, has approached the current pandemic wearing both hats. Prior to COVID-19, she and her 8-year-old son would squeeze into a crowded NYC subway on most mornings to get to school. But her son has asthma, and when the pandemic reached the city, the thought of him getting COVID-19 kept her up at night. She decided to put her son on the school bus to avoid the crowds, but as she watched him squeeze into the seat and lean in excitedly to greet his classmates, she knew the hand sanitizer in his pocket wouldn’t be enough to keep him and his friends safe.

In that moment, Dr. Page-Wilson did what she always does when she’s worried about her children, she called her best friend from medical school, pediatrician Dr. Samira Brown, and her best “mom friend”, business executive Alexandra Stanton, for advice. Dr. Brown was actively working on the front lines while Stanton was working diligently to get PPE to healthcare workers. After a few conversations, the three realized that no one in the US was producing high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) just for kids. So, they decided to join forces - combining medical expertise, business savvy, and maternal instincts to develop practical and effective tools to help keep children and families safe – And Little Lives PPE was born.

With a passion for keeping children and adults safe from disease, the founders of Little Lives PPE® are excited to provide the highest quality PPE products and disposable face masks to families nationwide. Located in New York, NY, our team is proud to ship to those across the country. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of face masks for traveling, face masks for kids, and more!

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