Face Mask & Face Shield Bundles

Little Lives PPE™ Face Shield
    •  Our kids face shield is made with a superior plastic, designed for maximal visibility. Our soft, non-toxic medical foam will cushion your child’s forehead and eliminate gaps between the shield and the forehead to keep germs out. The Little Lives PPE™ Face Shield can be worn with glasses, and is secured with a soft adjustable elastic knit band for customized fit and extended wear. Our face shield is made in the USA.
    • Non-toxic, recyclable, PETG plastic shield
    • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, FDA certified foam cushion
    • Easily removable protective film
    • Adjustable elastic band
    • Full sized wrap-around design for top, side, and front face protection
    • BPA, Phthalate, and Lead free
    • Made in the USA
  • To choose the best size of the Little Lives PPE  face shield measure the distance across your forehead from ear to ear. If the measurement is less than 7.5 inches, the Mini is your size. If the measurement is 7.5 inches or more, the Mega is your size.
    • The plastic can be cleaned with a soft cloth using hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid (HOCL) or soap and water
    • Do not use household disinfectants with bleach to clean the face shield -- they will damage the plastic
    • Detachable band can be hand or machine washed on a gentle cycle

Face Masks
  • The Little Lives PPE Face Mask is made with three layers of protective polypropylene to help keep out droplets, germs, pollution, and allergens. It has comfy ear loops that allow for extended wear. Our face mask provides >99% Bacterial and Particulate Filtration and is FDA listed. It can be worn easily with our face shield for superior protection. The Little Lives PPE™ Face Mask is made in the USA.

    • 100% Made in the USA in an FDA registered facility
    • Triple Layer Polypropylene Protection
    • Breathable & Comfortable
    • Non-Toxic & Latex Free
    • Tested - Quality and performance tested by a certified lab
    • Single User - Disposable
    • The Mini Face Mask: Face mask for kids, fits children ages 2-12 years
    • The Mega Face Mask: Face masks for teens and adultsfits kids ages 13+ years and adults
  • Before putting on face mask, wash or sanitize hands. Hold mask by earloops, pull the elastic and place it behind each ear. Pinch bendable clip around the bridge of the nose for a secure fit, then pull face mask over nose, mouth, and chin. To remove face mask, touch only the earloops, then discard and wash or sanitize hands.

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Bundles available in children and adult sizes.