Bulk Orders

Little Lives PPE™ is partnering with the following entities to keep everyone safe:

  • Community organizations
  • Non-profits
  • Schools
  • Small businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Long term care facilities
  • Corporations
  • Government entities

Bulk pricing is available for face shields on orders of 1,000 or more.

Bulk pricing is available for face masks on orders of 25,000 masks (500 boxes) or more.

We carry Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C. §2533a) Compliant Products.

We offer customization of both our face masks and face shields on large bulk orders. If you are interested, please check the box on the request form and our design team will reach out to you. 

Submit the form for a prompt reply to your Bulk Order needs.


Number of Shields Discount
10,000 - 99,990 5% discount
100,000 - 999,990 10% discount
1,000,000 15% discount